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These Lycra tunnels are 3 metres of absolute fun and regulating!  Children can go through forwards, backwards or sideways and many children love to stop in the middle and just relax. 


Wonderful inside and outside activity to develop and practice their bilateral coordination, motor planning, body awareness, tactile discrimination, gross motor skills and core body strength. Medium resistance can be achieved by a child crawling through by themselves, while a heavy resistance load can be experienced when a child pushes a 55cm exercise ball through the tunnel in front of them.


The pressure provided by the Lycra around the child’s body can result in deep pressure touch stimulation.  This stimulation releases serotonin in the brain, in turn helping children and adults alike to be calm, relaxed, concentrate on a task and moderate their sensory input.


The tunnels should always be used on top of a clean, flat surface. For an extra challenge, pillows, cushions and other soft items can be placed underneath and around the tunnel to vary the base to crawl over. 

Lycra Tunnel

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