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A wonderful tool to help our kids focus, learn and wiggle at the same time. The wobble cushion is also known as wiggle seat,  ADHD cushion, move n sit, stability disc or exercise disc. Wobble cushions offer benefits to many people (kids and adults) who struggle to focus and have the need to move, wriggle and fidget. It can easily be placed on a chair so that a child can comfortably receive its benefits. It allows the child to remain in motion while they work. This helps children to focus as sitting for long periods can make concentration difficult for many children. The movement provided and required by a balance cushion can be a great solution to this problem. It can also activate the core and other muscles. Providing sensory input for physical regulation while the child is seated. 


You can also use the wobble cushion to sit on the floor and other sensory experiences such as standing or lying on the cushion. One side is textured and the other offers spikey acupressure which enhances focus, coordination and core strength. You choose!


Hand pump included.

Size: 32cm wide, 7 or so cm high when inflated.

Colours available


If you have any questions about your child, their sensory needs and the right product for them, I am here to help and can offer advice and ideas for your child to feel safe, calm and themselves!

Thankyou! We'll be back to you shortly

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