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Suited for 4-18yrs

These swings are an amazing inside activity to bounce, swing, spin or just lie motionless while feeling calm and regulated! These swings encourage movement and exercise, while developing your child's body awareness, spatial awareness, balance, motor planning and meeting their sensory needs. A great tool to use when feeling dysregulated after a big day at school or kindergarten. Providing deep pressure, and a big tight squeeze! A hug that can last as long as you want it too! 



  • Up to 80kg weight limit 

  • Supervision at all times 

  • Designed for inside or under cover 

  • Ages 4 and up

  • Regularly check integrity of the swing 

  • Recommended supplied hardware to be used only

INSTALLATION TIPS (recommended Handyman or Builder to install) 

  • Locate suitable structure (roof truss, beam, batten, or concrete structure).

  • Use supplied base plate to secure to recommended structure (timber fixings not supplied - purchase coach screws from hardware store). 

  • If possible insert 4 fixing screws (2 is sufficient). 

  • Push both ends of the extra rope through the base plate, find height required, tie 3 or more knots (video attached)

  • Follow video of short rope with carabiner to swing (video attached)

  • Attach carabiner to long rope, screw carabiner clip to secure (photo attached)

  • Swing away and enjoy!

Colours available


If you have any questions about your child, their sensory needs and the right product for them, I am here to help and can offer advice and ideas for your child to feel safe, calm and themselves!

Thankyou! We'll be back to you shortly

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