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Funky, fun and regulating vest! 


Our vest was created to help children feel safe and regulated. But also to look fun and funky! The vest provides a tight squeeze and weighted hug. Helping your kids get the sensory input they need. Provides proprioceptive feedback to help calm and provide focus. 


For years I have recommended weighted products for my kids that struggle with busy environments, have big emotions and need that extra little bit of care. But the weighted vests were weird and unattractive. So now your child can wear this vest, which feels like a big hug, and feel cool too! Great for those kids who don't want to stand out. Your child can try it at school or traveling when a blanket is inconvenient.

Please note that to get the best out of this vest, it is meant to be worn zipped up and should be a snug fit, though it should never be uncomfortable. It may take your child a little while to get used to it.



These vests have 3 weights in the back that you can remove. These are great, for adding or reducing the weight, dependent on your childs needs. Also, great for siblings down the track! 


Please contact Explore if you need heavier weights for your vest, we can custom this meet your childs needs. 



S    weight  .6kg          ages  4-6

M   weight  1 kg           ages  7-8

L    weight   1.5 kg       ages  9-11


Model is wearing size S and is 6 years old. 

Weighted Vest with Hood

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